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ABOUT vincent

Vincent Heeringa is a New Zealand writer, publisher and PR expert specialising in tech and fast-growing businesses.


An entrepreneur and well-known business commentator, he's an innovator and multi-award winning publisher with a wide network of business contacts across New Zealand and the globe.


And there's nothing he loves more than a good story. Let him help with yours!




Vincent has decades of experience in creating branded content to compel customers to read, watch and act - in social, online, print or events. Ask him to tell your story.



Road to Abaddon is Vincent's first foray into fiction after an award-winning career as a journalist.


"I'm a massive fan of sci-fi and but never had the confidence to write it myself. My wife Sarah kept pushing me to give it a crack and after about ten years of self-flagellation and toddler-style tantrums, I finally got it done."


Road to Abaddon is the first in the Metricia Series, a rollicking yarn set in a post-climate-changed dystopia where the best of humanity has escaped to floating cities and mutant bandits roam the Land. The story follows the adventures of  teenagers Jonah Salvatore, a Metrician, and Nassim Farouk, a Lander. Mortal enemies, they discover a terrible truth about the world and must work together to save it. 

Download Road to Abaddon on Kindle or buy it on Amazon! 

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