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ABOUT vincent

One of New Zealand's most awarded journalists and content makers, Vincent turned his passion for business into stories everyone can remember.
Now he's bringing those same skills to you.
Passionate About Sharing the Story

Vincent offers you a wide range of services: public relations, brand development, content creation and digital communications.

He also can help conceive new products, pitch ideas, motivate sales teams and turn ideas into commercial success.

More than anything, Vincent will help you cope with the white-knuckle ride of entrepreneurship. “I know what it’s to like to lie awake at night wondering how I’m going to pay my staff. And I know the thrill of seeing good ideas turned into success. Who doesn’t love a roller-coaster? I’d love to help.”

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  • BSc Biochemistry, Victoria University

  • BA History, University of Auckland

  • DTch University of Auckland

  • Certificate in Strategic Leadership

  • Certificate in Digital Marketing

  • Exec Director Anthem (current)

  • Director Staircase Ventures (current)

  • Co-founder Unlimited, Idealog, Stoppress, Good, NZ Innovator Awards, TVNZ-NZ Marketing Awards

  • Chair Science Media Centre (2 years)

  • Director of NZ Marketing Association (2 years)

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